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Wed, 4 Apr 2018 |

Embassy of Israel : 06th, 19th
Royal Thai Embassy : 06th, 13th
Embassy of Philippines : 12th, 13th, 30th
US Embassy : 12th , 13th, 30th
High Commission of Australia : 13th, 30th
British High Commission (VFS) : 13th, 30th
High Commission of Canada (VFS) : 13th
High Commission of South Africa : 13th, 30th
Embassy of France : 13th, 30th
Embassy of Germany : 13th
Embassy of Italy : 13th
Embassy of Japan (VFS) : 13th, 30th
Embassy of Indonesia : 13th, 30th
Embassy of Vietnam : 13th
High Commission of Malaysia : 13th, 29th
New Zealand Visa Center : 13th, 30th
Royal Norwegian Embassy : 13th, 30th
Embassy of Switzerland : 13th, 30th
Indian High Commission : 30th